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Picambo is an organization that offers a wide variety of things. I, as the founder of Picambo, claim that there is no other website that supports such a wide range between different things. Or do you know any other website that offers scholastic knowledge and Minecraft plugins?

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What will be available to you soon:

Our vision

We are here to solve your problems.

Have fun!

Picambo develops games and apps that will either make your day a lot easier or help you relax for a few minutes or hours!

Helpful things!

Picambo offers Minecraft plugins, Discord bots and many other little things that you can use for free for your purposes!


Picambo has a huge library with various information about incredibly much! Among other things also things like psychology!


About us

Our company is here to help you

Are you interested in Picambo and its services? Then read what Picambo offers and how it was created. Learn how even big problems can be turned into huge success.

A lot of information

We will soon offer a huge library of information!

We are working full speed to publish our library of information about everything possible. However, we currently have only a fraction of what we would like to offer, which means it doesn't make sense to publish the information yet. The areas that will be available in a timely manner are psychology and sports. If you are interested in continuing your education, this is the perfect opportunity!


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If you want to learn more about Picambo and the experiences of other users, I recommend reading different reviews. By reading reviews you will get a more comprehensive insight into the strengths and weaknesses of Picambo and get a better picture.

Minecraft Plugins

We offer Minecraft Plugins!

If you run a Minecraft server, you should definitely visit our Minecraft page. There you will find a wide range of plugins that you can download for your server. Our plugins are continuously developed and are very elaborate and detailed to give your server the best gaming experience.

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Retro Game

We offer a retro rockets game!

Our retro game will delight you with its simple, yet entertaining gameplay mechanics. The pixel graphics will take you back to the time of the classic video game era. The game offers a great gaming experience that will put your skill to the test. But don't worry, it's not so hard that it gets frustrating - it's a game that's suitable for anyone who likes to play games from the past times or is just a bit nostalgic. So get ready, get in your rocket, strap yourself in and dive into the world of retro gaming with our game!

Discord Bots

We offer a Discord Bot!

If you have a Discord server, or know someone who does, you should definitely check out our Discord bot "Wuuukuuu"! You can do a lot of great things with it. See for yourself by downloading it!

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